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Thought for the Day

"Failure is art of learning, and we have to enjoy that art." Written in 2011 by Abbas Pachmarhiwala --- India

The Centre for Integrated Marketing goes independent

As of June 3rd 2011, the Centre for Integrated Marketing became independent of the University of Bedfordshire. The Centre led the research project featured on this site. At the time of the research, we were a leading research centre of the University (then called Luton). Centre for Integrated Marketing

Revolutionary added value

"I think your work on the Open Planning is the most revolutionary value addition to the marketing industry in a long time" says Frank Maina, Head of Mobile, 3Mice


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Service & Tool Providers


Services/tools relevant to 'Open Planning'

PointLogic is a marketing intelligence company that uses quantitative excellence to enlighten the human art of marketing communications. We apply rigorous quantitative methods to media and marketing and we package our solutions in user-friendly decision support software. Our clients include advertisers, media planning agencies and media owners; and we have become their partners in creating 'communication intelligence' - the translation of information and insights into actions that actively improve communication effectiveness. Our solutions span a broad range of complex and important questions:

  • How do I allocate marketing budgets to a combination of X products and Y markets to maximise sales and profit?
  • What is the best communication channels mix to accomplish a specific communication task?
  • What budget do I need to achieve a X% increase in awareness and a Y% increase in sales?
  • What sales effect and what awareness effect can I expect from budget X? And from budget Y?

In a world characterised by increased competition, audience fragmentation and an ever growing number of media options, marketing and advertising decisions are getting more and more difficult to make. At the same time, budgets are getting tighter and marketing spend is coming under intense scrutiny. PointLogic helps advertisers and their agencies reach better informed decisions to optimise the deployment of their budget and maximise the return on their marketing and communication investment.

Chorus - our integrated channel planning system - fosters open-planning by bringing:

  • an objective approach to channel selection devoid of discipline bias
  • continuous learning through the adoption of a systematic process for all campaigns
  • an integration platform where all team members can access and discuss relevant brand and market information

Distinctive features

The PointLogic approach to channel planning system helps:

  • make recommendations on all the communication channels to be used
  • make recommendations for multiple brand objectives (awareness, attitude shift, sales)

Chorus integrates quantitative data and qualitative brand and market knowledge that are organised in three modules:

  • the analytical module is the engine of the systems powered by response curves generated from the analysis of the brand�s past performance and current position
  • the planning module captures the brand's future communication needs and practical channel information to inform the rear-view response curves with forward-looking knowledge
  • the powerful optimisation module empowers marketers to explore the likely impact of different strategies and respond quickly to changing circumstances

Tools availability

A combination of analytical services and software tools. Our bespoke analytical and planning solutions are tailored to meet specific circumstances and packaged in user-friendly software.

Case study or other endorsement/proof

Channel planning case study

Our client: The RVD is the largest advertiser in the Netherlands.


As the "knowledge" centre on public communication within government, the RVD acts as a consultant to departmental campaign managers. Whilst seeking ways to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of its communication, the RVD performs extensive tracking research and its tracking database includes over 100 campaigns.

The question

To assists campaign managers with media strategy and media budgets, the RVD asked for a system that helps evaluate channel mixes based on tracking data and unique campaign characteristics.

The solution

The first step was to model all campaigns to describe how communication channels influence the effect variables tracked by the RVD: knowledge, attitude and behaviour.

Through a continuous cycle of expert knowledge sessions, we established how the response curves relate to the campaign circumstances to enrich and calibrate the models.

We then merged in excess of 400 models into a software system that calculates how relevant campaign factors affect the response curves and empowers scenario testing campaign planning and optimisation.

The results

The RVD now has a system that helps define a clear working process in which the channel discussion is brought forward to the budget setting stage of campaign planning.

Going through the process of inputting campaign parameters into the system proved a very helpful aid in kick-starting discussions on channel selection between campaign managers, communication consultants and discipline experts. The systems empowers the RVD to evaluate channel mix recommendations and forecast the impact of a plan on various brand effect measures

For a detailed example of how Chorus helped raise awareness for a secondary emergency phone number in the Netherlands, follow: Data to Decisions - A Channel Planning Solution for the Public Sector (Miscrosoft Powerpoint).


  1. RVD - the Dutch equivalent of the COI and the largest advertiser in the Netherlands
  2. Media Planning Group - the media planning arm of Havas

Further information

PointLogic - Channel Planning

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